Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have just come back from my niece Jennifer's wedding, in Michigan.  My sister and I drove out there from New York, missing the big nor'easter last weekend, and had beautiful weather the whole time we were in MI.  Of course the bride is lovely.  Here she is being escorted to the altar by my brother, her father

She was preceded by the flower girl, my great-niece Madeline, who didn't quite understand her function, and needed help from her father:

The ceremony was outside, as you can see, under a tent, on a farm in Ann Arbor called Cobblehill Farm.  There was a petting zoo with a friendly goat, a horse and assorted chickens and roosters, who didn't interfere at all with the wedding.  Afterward the vows

there was the reception line.  Don't you love her dress and the bouquet?  Perfect for fall.  And the headpiece is from another etsian!

That handsome lucky young man is her new husband, back from Iraq for a whole year.  They live in Hawaii now, where he is stationed.  He just looks too young to be an officer in the US Army!

Ah, what a lovely day it was, and a wonderful party!


  1. What a beautiful wedding Nancy! Love the bouquet colors and her dress was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing I love weddings :)

  2. Oh my, what a lovely wedding. & the flower girl is too cute! I love the flower colors.

  3. Looks like it turned out to be a beautiful day for the wedding. They are a very nice looking couple.

  4. Nancy, glad you had a lovely time at your niece's wedding :)

    She looks absolutely gorgeous, her dress, flowers just beautiful. :)

    What a wonderful place to start their married life in Hawaii!!!!

    Hope the home sale is going well and it isn't too stressful. T. :)