Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am in a beautful treaury from highnotejewelry called "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and the blue-grey velvet she picked from my store to be in her treasury, sold! Yippee! To return the favor, I'd like to show you some of the other shops for your viewing and shopping pleasure.

This ring totally caught my eye, and I hearted it:

This is made by LunasDesigns, and is just my kind of ring.  It is sterling silver with an obsidian stone in a bezel setting, made to order in your size!  How excellent is that!  When I'm shopping for jewelry - well, window shopping, really, these days - I look for sterling silver, solid gold, or platininum.  On the platinum, after all, I'm just window shopping...the point is, I can't wear copper, or stainless steel, or aluminum.  I have tried, and it's just itch itch itch, little tiny bumps, scratch scratch scratch.  I'm also looking for excellent workmanship.  I want beautiful craftsmanship and high quality.  I mean, isn't everybody? 

She has many other modern designs, all wonderfully engineered and sure to be a joy to wear.  These are a couple of other pieces I enjoy:

Silver and  Carnelian Swing Earrings

Sterling Silver Swan Brooch

Highnotejewelry also included this gorgeous crepe silk hand painted scarf from Palletepassion.  As you can maybe tell I am a fabric junkie and really appreciate lovely silks, and I am in awe of anyone who can paint or dye or otherwise color fabrics as an artist.  Just look at these subtle colors and see how handsome the scarf is:

Look at how pretty the colors are in this one, and how well the stripes are executed:

And this one:

She has 60 lovely scarves to choose from, all hand painted and gorgeous.  She has over 100 sales, and a 100% positive rating, so I think this is a good craftsman artisan!

And finally, I want to tell you about highnotejewelry herself, she who put this smokey treasury together.    She is a jeweler too, with a unique design style.  She makes colorful fun pieces using silver, copper and other metals, and stones, beads and crystals.  I love her bracelets, especially this one, which I hearted:

 This is an orange and green floral design made from glass, copper, swarovski crystals and glass flower beads.

And I love the color of these pink ombre earrings:

Just beauttiful pieces in her shop.  Gee, if only I could buy them all...

Thank you highnote, for this high note in my day!  Be sure to browse all these shops, and enjoy!

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