Monday, July 12, 2010

Paypal and Two Stores

My, I didn't realize the contortions and acrobatics I would have to go through when I opened my new shop, Nancy's Fabric Shop. Little did I know I would have to open a new google account and a new paypal account, which meant I needed to open a new checking account as well! And all on a hot Sunday. Whew! All because a lovely patient woman wanted to buy one of my fabric pieces,

and her paypal payment did not get into my existing paypal account, connected with Custom Designs by Nancy. Thank goodness I already have an online savings account, and was able to call them and quickly establish a checking account with them. Of course, then she had to cancel the original payment, and resubmit so it would register in my new paypal account. Oh my, but all's well that ends well, as the bard said. This has sure been a learning experience for me, and I hope you will learn from this little episode, too. At least now I'm set up completely (cross my fingers) to do business as Nancy's Fabric Shop!

And just in time for Christmas in July! From now to the end of July take 10% off any piece in either of my stores! I will adjust the price as purchases are made, and we should have no issues with paypal!


  1. I looked at your etsy shop...your fabrics are luscious! I saw your previous post about the Sunbrella fabrics...I agree with you; that fabric would be great for making totes!

  2. I'm able to use my one paypal account for both my shop and my grandpa's shop. But I did have to make new google accounts for both and two facebook pages and all that jazz. It was more work than I expected, too. :)